Tamburo / Player Series

T5 Dark

Tamburo / Player Series

T5 Dark

And your rhythm turns “black”

If you have a strong musical personality and are looking for an entry-level drum kit with a powerful sound and bold aesthetics, the T5 DARK is the one for you. A “total black” look with glossy PVC coating and satin black components. Easy to tune and ready to play. Rich and full-bodied sound.

Equipped with a poplar shell with glossy black finishes, the T5 DARK is available in 2 limited edition configurations: TB T5PR22DARK with 22’’x15’’ bass drum and 16’’x15’’ floor tom, and TB T5P20DARK with 20’’x16’’ bass drum and 14’’x14’’ floor tom.

T5 DARK. More than a drum kit, a statement of self.

Attractive black look
Full “ready to play” drum set
Easy to tune, with a rich sound
PVC wrap in black gloss finishes
Hardware components in satin black

Standard Drum Kits

We offer a series of standard set-ups that have been carefully designed to meet standard drumming needs.

T5 P20

Bass Drum 20″x16″
Tom 10″x7″
Tom 12″x8″
Floor Tom 14″x14″
Snare Drum 14″x5,5″

T5 R22

Bass Drum 22″x15″
Tom 10″x7″
Tom 12″x8″
Floor Tom 16″x15″
Snare Drum 14″x5,5″

Technology and processes


The poplar shell is covered with a pvc with gloss black finishes, with a total thickness of 7.5 mm. The head with rounded edges (curve) is inspired by Made in Italy productions. Light and well balanced with all its components, it offers a precise and well defined sound.


The T5 features the professional tom suspension system, with satin black finishes.


The T5 8mm wooden bass drum hoops are characterized by the pvc inlay in the external section, the same as the drumset colours.


Included with T5 drum sets are the brass cymbals. Specifications: 16“ crash cymbal , 14” Hi-Hat cymbals.